Sustainable Agriculture Initiative - SAI

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative - SAI March 11, 2021, ALL

In recent weeks Soufflet Agro Poland has participated in the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) project to confirm that the malt produced by Soufflet comes from sustainable barley.

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform is the leading global initiative promoting sustainable agriculture. Its standards for sourcing sustainably grown crops are based on internationally recognized principles and provide a way to assess the sustainability of a farm's agricultural production.

In addition, consumers want to be sure that the food they buy has been produced from high quality products, produced in a way that does not damage but also improves the environment.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our suppliers have received a high silver and gold rating.

The result obtained by our partners confirms that the malting barley they produce complies with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

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