The 1st Sky Easydrill and FACA roller in Poland

The 1st Sky Easydrill and FACA roller in Poland April 30, 2018, ALL

On Thursday 26th of April one of our SOILTEQ club member from the early beginning, the PPUH RASZYNEK sp. z o.o. in Chojnów, received his new SKY AGRICULTURE EASYDRILL seeder (direct sowing technology) and FACA roller, imported for the first time in Poland by Soufflet Agro Polska.

From this summer (intercrops) and autumn (cereals, oilseed rape) sowings, our member will be able to fully introduce on his farm the concepts presented and explained during our SOILTEQ clubs in the last 2 years (first club took place in March 2016). The great capacities of the SKY AGRICULTURE EASYDRILL seeder (a great sowing precision, three hoppers, two seeds distributions system allowing to sow in the same time at two different depth, a perfect closing of the sowing rows and many other abilities) will allow him to change his farming system into the SOILTEQ philosophy to improve his soils life, his yields and significantly reduce operational cost of his arable production.

Soufflet Agro Polska team will provided a full and personalized support of agronomical advising to accompany and help him for perfect change of his farming system.

All SOILTEQ club participants have a great opportunity for sharing experiences, that Soufflet Agro Polska is encouraging within the club members.  

More info about our SOILTEQ club and philosophy available on our website,

We welcome you to contact Soufflet Agro Polska if you are interested in our SOILTEQ club or the SKY AGRICULTURE EASYDRILL seeder.

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