Catalog of intercrop mixtures FitSOIL 2022

Catalog of intercrop mixtures FitSOIL 2022 March 24, 2022, ALL

Intercrop mixtures are a natural way to increase the agronomic potential of soils. Important it’s not only to choose the right plants, but also to choose the variety. Correctly constructed mixture allows for a number of benefits resulting from its cultivation. Based on our experience and knowledge we have prepared a Catalog of intercrop mixtures FitSOIL 2022. In the catalog you will find a detailed description and characteristics of each mixture.  We invite you to contact our team of agronomic advisors!

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Prezentujemy nowy katalog Rzepak Ozimy, Międzyplony i Wsiewki 2023!

Najnowsza odsłona naszego katalogu zawiera informacje na temat:

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